Sheila Cahilig, Nidan, Fukushidoin & Jeffrey Marfil, Nidan, Fukushidoin


Both Sheila and Jeffrey began their training at Aikido Schools of New Jersey (ASNJ) - Sheila in May 2004 and Jeffrey in October 2007, respectively – under the instruction and guidance of the late Shihan Rick Stickles 7th Dan, until his passing in June 2015. Sheila and Jeffrey continue to train at ASNJ. Additionally, Sheila and Jeffrey teach at ASNJ, with Sheila having taught Adults and helping out with Children's classes, and Jeffrey having taught both Children and Adults. Jeffrey was also part-time assistant or soto deshi to Shihan Stickles. When they are able to, Sheila and Jeffrey love visiting other dojos to train.


Sensei Jeff Marfil, Nidan Fukoshidoin

            Aikido to me is a way of Being. I love practicing Aikido because it keeps me physically healthy, and teaches me to be aware of my thoughts and actions. It calms me down and helps me refocus when things get hectic. It gives me an opportunity to learn more about myself, and solve personal obstacles. Aikido has helped me build friendships with people of different backgrounds and cultures.I love teaching Aikido because I want to share my experience, what I’ve learned, and how this wonderful, peaceful art helped me better myself. I enjoy teaching kids because it’s fun! I want to help them grow and develop themselves to be a better individuals from an early age. I hope to teach them to love & cherish themselves. I believe guiding the kids through Aikido (mind, body, spirit) practice will give them the skills and confidence to grow to be a happier person on a journey to find their purpose.


The late Shihan (Master Teacher) Richard M. Stickles, 7th Dan, founded Aikido Schools        of  New Jersey (ASNJ) in 1977. Sensei Stickles was a full-time Aikido instructor who practiced and  taught Aikido for over 40 years. He began his Aikido training as a soto deshi  (direct disciple) of  Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, 8th Dan and Chief instructor of the New York Aikikai. Sensei Stickles has practiced with many of O’Sensei’s direct disciples and received personal instruction from O’Sensei’s son, the late Kisshomaru Ueshiba. He traveled and trained throughout the U.S.,  Europe,  and Japan and taught Aikido  seminars nationally and internationally. In addition, he was on the instruction staff at New York Aikikai, provided supervision and guidance to help students operate their own dojos, and was a senior representative of the United States Aikido Federation in New Jersey.